Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kids Love Sports

     Sports have always been a favorite activity for children whenever they are in school or at home, choosing a sport to partake in is a "no-brain er" at their early stage but focusing on one particular sport will require the assistance of a coach or based on preference of parents. 
     Children when left alone can play all day jumping from one sport to another forgetting assignments/home works or the need to go back to their classes after break time(break periods to kids has always been the most interesting period of a regular school hours), getting all stained and not usually feeling the need to refresh. In such occasions parents/teachers do not need to shout or scold them, instead they should make them understand that there is a time to study and also have fun. 
     Aside from developing a child to become a professional based on what he/she studied, there is also a need to help develop them as they grow in any sport they prefer. There are several sports they can partake in aside from the basic sports we all know such as football, table tennis, track and field and basketball. Other sports include and not limited to volley ball, cycling, swimming, hockey and lawn tennis. Taking part in exercises does a lot of good to the body.
    1.)  Sport in form of exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain.
    2.)  It enhances the memory.
    3.)  It helps build and maintain connections between the nerves.
     In conclusion, taking part in sport helps the brain grow and make it work better. Though it is advisable to check health conditions of athletes and also ensure close monitoring during the activity.
    Sports also help to teach children some fundamental basics of life such as:
    1.) To be discipline.
    2.) It helps to build self confidence.
    3.) It helps inculcate winning mentality.
    4.) It helps them appreciate the value of team work which help build relationship.
    5.) It teaches them how to be accountable.

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