Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kids and Cartoon

Since Walt Disney's 1
928 cartoon Steamboat Willie starring Mickey Mouse which was the first cartoon ever to be aired, there has been several more entertaining and mind blowing cartoons like  Tom and Jerry(40s),Tarzan, Star trek, Super friends(70s), GI Joe, Silverhawks(80s), Aladdin, Batman, Spiderman, X-men(90s) and the current ones Ben10,flintstones and Naruto.

    Cartoon, which is a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one both on television and comic books has been mostly associated with children, though some adults are still guilty of spending most of their time watching cartoons. So if adults still engage themselves with cartoon they have been watching since they were kids, then one begin to wonder, what are the benefits kids get from watching cartoons?
Speech Improvement: Children learn a lot of things from watching cartoon and this include words spoken in their favourite cartoons. They learn more words through cartoons than they would anywhere, this may be due to the full concentration they give when they are watching them. When your child speaks then you tend to wonder where he/she learned it from.
Improved Social Life: Children discuss about what they see and hear from clips they watch on their favourite cartoons, this is simply because that is all what they think and talk about at that stage of their lives. Any child among this gathering who does not understand what is been discussed, might feel singled out and thus affect his/her social life.
Enhance Concentration: Cartoons are the most popular entertainment for children, thus they tend to give their undivided attention and put everything behind them when their favourite cartoons are been aired. Cartoons have helped children in enhancing concentration and this has also been useful while studying in school and also at home.
Good Form of Entertainment: The most fascinating thing about cartoons is the entertainment kids derive from watching them. Nothing else at that stage of their lives can be more entertaining, captivating and meaningful. When you want to get their attention or you need time out and need your kid(s) to give you space, i guess you now know what to do.
    Though cartoons could be actually helpful to a child’s upbringing, it somehow also affects them in certain ways like;
    *Kids somehow believe and tend to copy what they see their favourite cartoons characters do.
    *Kids tend to learn from what they see than from what they can read (thus affecting their reading habit)
    *Allowing them to spend too much time watching cartoon is bad. Let them know when it is time to study, sleep and watch cartoons.

     Finally parents are therefore advised to make their children understand that violent conduct displayed by their favourite cartoon characters, might not be seen by them has harmful but it is in real life if such happens.

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