Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Developing Relationship With Children

      Children are a special gift from God, they bring joy and happiness to the family. Dealing with them needs careful measures because of their level of reasoning. Developing relationship with them has to be mostly from birth because it is usually difficult to bolster a relationship that has got no initial foundation.

                                  Steps To Developing Relationship With Children
      1.) Let them assist you: Whenever you are doing house hold chores or house sanitation and your children want to help you, please endeavor not to shut them out. Give them any little task they can handle.
      2.) Let them explore: Children always want to explore new things, sometimes they get hurt, most times they don't, but we should not because of that hinder them from trying because just like adults, they also learn from their mistakes.
      3.) Let your children know how important they are to you. This makes them feel relevant and also have a sense of belonging.
      4.) Provide a secure environment for them.
      5.) Refrain from favoritism and spoiling the children.
      6.) Always endeavor to attend to their needs with immediate response. When they seek your attention on what is bothering them, this may have a lot to do with their self esteem or molestation in school or your neighborhood, do not ignore or always refer them to someone else when they need your help with their assignment. When you help out with things like this, they will always see you as their super hero.

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