Thursday, June 22, 2017

Are You A Great Teacher?

            Teaching is known to be the number one profession, it is the profession that gave birth to the rest. Without sound and qualitative education we won't have Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Accountants and the rest. Teaching which is the art and science of helping others to grow in their knowledge and understanding has helped develop individuals, countries, continents and the world. The people behind this profession at the early stage are called teachers.
           A teacher is someone who helps others to acquire knowledge. Teachers help instill discipline, morals and values because they spend more time with the children. Parents do not spend much time with their

children because of trying to make ends meet, therefore teachers help block this gap. Parents sometimes threaten to report their children to their teachers which normally should have been the other way round. This has become a huge responsibility on the shoulders of their teachers. In order to handle this, teachers must possess some certain qualities.
                                                    Qualities Of A Great Teacher
          1.) Set a good example by being a good role model.
          2.) Set some ground rules.
          3.) Have a well stated consequence for any offense committed. 
          4.) Maintain peace in the classroom.
          5.) Try and ensure and maintain a more conducive, creative and interactive environment. 
          6.) Competition in the classroom must be in a positive way. Teachers should ensure this so as to prevent favoritism.
          7.) Orally ask questions about a topic before going in-depth.
          8.) Make your students always excited to learn.
          9.) Don't be too strict and difficult to approach. 
        10.) Always find an interesting way to teach your students, instead of forcing them. 

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