Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Choosing The Best School For Your Child

          One of the most important decision to make after becoming a parent is to decide which school is good and suitable for our children based on their ability, so as to help them grow academically. Absolutely agree that choice of school should be done according to the child’s needs and interests. Approximately at 5 years it’ll become clear what interest a child, choose right and they will thank you in future for it. choose wrong, and you already know what to expect in the future.
         Children vary in so many ways! Your child is like no other, yet has so many qualities in common with others. your child is a unique mixture of capabilities, wants, needs and motives. When deciding which school to pick for their child, parents should avoid these common mistakes
       1. Don't go for the name: Name do not usually serve the purpose. Most school owners make use of attractive names to lure parents and this mostly come with  heavy fee.
       2. Don't rely on other parents/friends: Parents rely on family and friends in deciding on a school for their children. As explained above, children vary, a friends child might be a fast learner compared to yours, or the environment might not be conducive. Visit different school listing sites e.g( www.schoolfinderng.com ), browse through various schools, plan a visit with the management of schools you are satisfied with and decide on the best school for your child.
       3. Get value for money spent: Heavy school fee does not guarantee that your child will receive the best education. Ensure that at the end of every term you evaluate your child's performance based on what you are expecting.
           After deciding on the best school for your child, which is a great step but not yet a finished job, you need to closely monitor every sign to ensure you have made the right decision.
        1. Your child is happy to go to school.
        2. Your child is full of energy and happy at the end of the school day.
        3. You see huge progress in your child’s overall development – academic, physical, social and emotional – throughout each school year.
        4. Your child feels that his/her abilities and interests are appreciated at school.
        5. Your child is achieving and performing academically at the level of which he/she is capable.
        6. Your child has friends and acquaintances who like and accept him at school.
          Signs that you have pick the wrong schools are:
        1.  Into the school year, your child is hesitant, or even adamantly decided against going to school.
        2. Your child is not just tired, but worn down and unhappy at the end of most school days.
        3. Your child has made little progress in the past year, either academically, socially, emotionally or physically.
        4. Your child often says “school is boring.”
        5  Your child expresses little interest in what he/she is learning at school.
        6. Your child often says that teachers or other kids do not understand him/her or do not like her.
        7. Your child doesn’t seem to have any close friends or friendly acquaintances at school.
        8. Your child shows symptoms of stress only when school’s in session (e.g. sleeplessness, fatigue)

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