Sunday, July 9, 2017

Should Teachers Have Tattoos?

                      The display of body artworks are seen almost everywhere but is this allowed in our schools? There has been different opinion concerning this, these are few of their thoughts:

           A principal said, ‘They can have a javelin through their nose if they teach maths’. His view is that all his staffs need to do is present themselves as professionals. "We have spoken to students and they don’t give a damn. We have spoken to parents and some say you shouldn’t have them on as a teacher. Others don’t give a damn so long as it doesn’t say “fuck off mum”.
           Its like a game of scruples "There is no right answer", he suggested that schools will probably end up with a policy that says as long as its appropriate, then its ok.
          Another principal thinks its not appropriate because if students are told to obey rules then so should their teachers. "We ask students to follow a dress code, so it is a bit against the grain if you do the opposite".
          A mother of two secondary school pupils thinks having a tattoo has got no effect on her and her children but it has to be a balance between been a professional. She believes part of being a teacher is about teaching pupils to respect people’s differences and not judge them by their looks. "I’m more concerned about whether my child's teacher is effective and professional than what they look like".
           Having a tattoo is not a bad idea, people have tattoos on them for different reasons. A lot of people who are qualified to be a teacher has got tattoos on them before they apply. This should not stop schools from employing good and intelligent people. A facial tattoo could be seen as inappropriate to young pupils but generally if the school policy of where you teach says don't show, please don't.          

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